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Mateu​ hails from Mallorca, Spain. based both in Saigon, Vietnam, aswell as Mallorca.

Mateu is a nerd. All he has been doing is videos. Like forever. Also building computers.

He directs and is very hands on in the editing and VFX departments.

He produces and builds teams flexible to each project, using a wide range of different artists and professionals in their own filmmaking fields.

Mateu has made a wide range of audiovisual products both marketing products aswell as purely artistic.

He has a very  minimalistic style of perfoming shoots, focusing a lot on the end product and


He does have an affinity for sci-fi, hi-tech, powerful metal, rap & electronic music videos,


Mateu Perpinyà Pitarch
Director - Nerd - Editor & VFX

Tuan has been doing AC for a lot of projects.

He is very polivalent in his skills. He can shoot as well as operate many kinds of camera rigs.

He has a particularly high skills with Glide cam and Steady cam systems.


Nguyen Chau Tuan

AC, camera

Quan is the graphic designer of the team

She has a lot of experience working with Illustrator and Photoshop. She is very effective when working on motion graphics projects where she can provide all flat elements. She also does branding work, layouts and general graphic design for brands.


Trinh So Quan

Graphic Designer


Johnathan Hackenberg

Production Assistant , Script supervisor

Johnathan is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer from Australia.

Since then, he's been invaluable due to his passion for filmmaking, his desire to learn and his willingness to commit to any project.

Sean Lambe

Director - Writer - Producer

Sean Lambe is a director, writer and producer from Tralee, Ireland.


He founded Irregular Film with Will in 2015 and has since become a specialist in documentaries.

He co-directed Faces You Forget and Saigon Metalhood, and is currently in Myanmar working on a new film about the brutal fighting art of Lethwei.

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