Panalgan Effer 250 - TVC 30"

This is a 30sec TVC made for a medicinal supplement. This TVC portrays the an imaginary 90's anime style fight between two kids.

Furious FPV - Stealth Race VTX TV

Furious FPV is a company making racing drone electronic components. This is a little commercial of one of their components. The focus is to clearly display all of the features of this ultracompact chip.

Mat Vu Guvera (Guvera's Secret Agents)

This is a 8 chapter long web series, shot in 3 days and for the most part freestyled by the talents with only a few keypoints.

 Motion Graphics  

This is an intro for a Youtube show. Animation is in 4K at 60 fps, with film grain applied and complex motion blur

O Lai Day Voi Con: Award winning music video

It shows the story of a kid who takes two different paths in his life, one where he is a gangster and other one where he chooses not to be. This is micro budget shot. Using only 2 lenses. Around 5 days of preparation, and 2 days shooting. Most of this music video is long uncut oner scenes. Some scenes took more than 40 takes.

Nguoi Cua Tao: A replica type music video

Its shot and edited so it looks like an American 90's black and white Hiphop music video. Editing is all down to the flow and the beat. 4:3 aspect ratio, at 29.97. Only using 2 lenses, this is also a no budget music video, as it was in the time its trying to replicate.